Time for an Update.

Lord, oh lord.

This semester has gotten mad busy, in the past 4 weeks of school i’ve been pulling 12 – 14 hour days on average, plus weekends! So that is why it has been such a while since my last update but… it’s for a good reason. So here’s what i’ve been working on in all departments for the past few weeks.

  • In News we have done a total of 3 shoots with varying levels of success, Thursday, April 26th was our last one for this semester.
  • This past weekend Zach, Kaine, and I filmed “Dancing for the Center: A Lineage of Love” a dancing series that was intend to raise funds for a local dance studio that was destroyed during the effects of Hurricane Irene. It was a rather satisfying to be part of something so much greater than myself, and it gave me a much needed look into the world of productions, and I liked what I saw.
  • Now on to this week which we have a major haul ahead of us on top of our normal school work. Friday we have two major events, one being “A Capacalypse”. For this event we will be doing a 3 Camera Shoot in Standard Definition with an SD switcher and Soundboard. Saturday is FoxApalooza which we will do a full HD 3 Camera shoot, as well as two walking cameras to get B-Roll of attendees and various events. This weekend is a big weekend for awards shows at Marist as well we have both the MEMA’s and Silver Fox Awards, Good luck to all whom have submitted work.
  • In two weeks, myself and various other media center workers will be undertaking The 67th Marist Undergraduate Commencement. It will be a fun week filled with seniors and shenanigans.

So as you can see we’ve been fairly busy here in MCTV and the Marist Media Center. Expect more frequent updates from us here this summer as we will be taking up residence at Marist College, plenty of work and lots of edit time.

Signing Out,

David A.
Assistant News Director of Post-Production
Manager of Technology and Inventory
Marist College Television


Leap Years.

I know that in my previous post I claimed that it would be a few weeks before the revamp of the site, but I got ambitious today. It’s the new and improved “Big D” Video Productions page sleeker and more stylish than ever. Aside from that this is a rather baseless post. I’m sitting in my Computer Programming I class to be exact, supposed to be learning Java -_-; The title of this post really has no base either, other than the fact that I realized it’s a leap year this year. I recently had an epiphany, thanks to a musician that if you know me i’ve been raving about for days. It’s amazing how a simple song can influence one to make a change, not to say the songs this girl performs are simple because by far they are not, they’re beautiful compositions but its the premise itself. What triggers a change, for me it was this song. I’ve subjected myself to a diet, and i’m even going to the gym now. I’ve decided that sitting and waiting for something to happen is impossible because to wait means it will never happen. “There is no fate but what we make.” John Connor from the original terminator said this and I disagree I think there is fateful situations sometimes, I think what can be drawn from this however is that in order for fate to exist; you must be willing to make that decision to take a chance. I personally have finally made that decision and I hope to follow it through to the end. If I knew the musician who’s composition triggered this change in me I would thank her but because I do not this post will sit in cyberspace but know I am grateful.
David A. Akin III
CEO of “Big D” Video Productions

Yes, Yes.. I know i’ve been gone for ages.

It’s high time I made a return to my website and I apologize for the lack of updates this semester, it’s only been four weeks and it’s already a crazy one. First off in news.

  • The radio show affiliated with “Big D” Video Productions “Sizzle in the Studio” is now 4 hours long.
    Featured from 2 – 6 on tuesday, with DJ J Sizzle from 2 – 5 and DJ Dak Attack
    (CEO of “Big D” Video Productions) from 3 – 6.
  • This semester is a big one as I have applied to become one of the Board Members for MCTV News Television
  • I’ve begun writing several screenplays over the semester and would like to produce at least one of them over summer
    vacation, so stay tuned for updates on that.
  • Look forward to a major revamp of the site in the next few weeks and more information on the board position as it comes to me.

As always I am looking to expand my skill sets and practice my production skills so please contact me if your are looking for a Cinematographer, or Editor in the production of any video in the New York state area. I am highly proficient with editing on the following Video Workflow Editors,

  • AVID Media Composer 4.0 – 6.0 (Will be a Certified Editor at the end of this semester)
  • Final Cut Studio 9.0  and 10.0 *sadly*
  • Adobe Premiere CS 5.5

Camera Operations wise I pick up all cameras fairly quickly and am capable of using them effectively after a 10 – 20 minute look over. Have worked in,

  • Mini DV Tapes (Standard Definition, High Definition)
  • SD Card (Filetypes: .MOV, .MP4, RAW)

So if your in this situation and you need a free worker (anywhere within 100 miles of Putnam County, New York, I require a gas stipend outside that radius) send me a message at BigDMediaProductions@hotmail.com.

David A.
CEO of “Big D” Video Productions

The Holidays!

Well its down to that Crucial Hour before Christmas, the mall was a mad house yesterday, and I was nearly in two accidents driving thanks to some crazy drivers. And Connecticut Drivers say New Yorkers are bad, haha. Around this time of year I just like to thank everyone who’s helped me this past year, whether they know it or not, without them it would have been much more difficult to accomplish. I just want everyone to know that they are appreciated whether I show it or not. So on that I end this short lived post. Don’t expect too much in the way of updates for a while, i’ve taken up a full time job for winter break. Happy Holidays to all! and to all a good night!

World of Radio

Our newest project here at Marist College is up, check it out in the Current Video Productions page under the Marist College Tab. It features some of the more prominent hudson valley radio hosts, so check it out it might just have your favorite radio host in it. Look forward to an update version of this doc coming up in the next few weeks. Till next time!


Big D

Didn’t know it was already Christmas, oh wait…

You know we all know those Christmas light shows we say are obnoxious but were really just jealous that we ourselves aren’t patient enough or skilled enough to pull off. One man has taken it to a new level, Halloween. As ridiculous as this video is, I honestly gotta give the guy props. I will admit it sir, I am jealous.

Steve Jobs, a Legacy.


, ,

Steve Jobs has passed on at a young age of 56 today. Steve Jobs had stepped down as CEO of Apple in August of this year after his long standing battle with pancreatic cancer took a turn for the worse. Steve Jobs was a true visionary whom brought about a new age in computing and mobile technologies such as the iPod, iPad, and the iPhone. The world lost a truly good man today, a man however that will live on for eternity in the legacy he has left behind.

For more information check out your local news network, to see the apple.com shrine to Steve Jobs Click Here. Or if you’d like to send your stories or condolences email the following address: rememberingsteve@apple.com

Rest in Peace Steve 1955 – 2011

MCTV News Packages are Here!

Our first MCTV news package is done and up for viewing in full 1080p, the first package features our fall concert on campus headlining it is the hip-hop/electronica duo out of boulder, colorado.  3OH!3.  Opening for 3OH!3 will be the group Lights Resolve. They will be performing Sept. 29th, 2011 in the newly refurbished McCann Arena. The news package itself hits local airwaves on channel 29, MCTV on September 28th, 2011.

To view the news package early Click Here. 

Keep your eye out for more news packages in the coming months.